"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

There is nothing more important than proper preparation when it comes to painting the outside of your home. Without going through all of the steps to seal hardboard siding/trim and real wood, Colorado's harsh environment will soon expose the shortcuts taken. We will only use the best products available on your home. When most of the money to paint a home is tied up in labor, it doesn't make any sense to use inferior products.

Our prep starts with a thorough power wash done from ladders, not from the ground.  This ensures we are able to get all residue and contaminants off of the painted surfaces.

, we scrape all loose paint and seal any bare areas with the industries top of the line bonding primer. Although some paints are "self-priming", our experience tells us a product formulated for one specific job is the proper way to go.  This also gives us the build we need on uneven, peeled surfaces.  All windows, siding joints, soffits, fascia and cracks will be caulked with a high-grade siliconized-acrylic caulk.  As we are prepping we will be sure to re-nail any loose boards or areas where nails may have popped.

Once the house is fully prepped, we take care to mask all areas we do not want to paint.  There will be no overspray when we are done painting your home!

Our approach is simple when it comes to applying paint.  We have taken the time to make sure the house is completely sealed and fully prepped, so why cheat on the topcoat?  We won't!  We will cross-spray (two wet-coats) of paint.  This paint will cure into a thick protective layer on your home.  The trim is then brushed and rolled.  We guarantee coverage on all of our paint jobs.

Most of our work comes with a five or eight year warranty.  And with Colorado's intense climate, if we skip a step, we'll be back out at your house fixing it for free.  No one wants that.

I promise you will not get a better paint job!

Above you can see the condition of a typical lap-sided house.  It is critical to scrape these areas and seal them with a high-grade bonding primer.  If left untreated, these "lips" will swell and the siding will need to be replaced.

Below you can see the same lip scraped, primed and  ready for paint.

And here you can see a house that is prepped and ready for top-coat.

And the completed product.